Happy New Year!
Making apple pie
Drumstick sambar cooking
Drumstick sambar
Tithonia and bumblebee
Protesting the CAA
Red currants
Buying jeans between the years
Tephritid (?) flies
Early spring
Helianthus and Tithonia
Nihal's graduation
Tamarind pods
Monster tomato plants!
Ma's sewing machine
Our Thanksgiving with Len, Orna, and Mika
The crocuses in front
New water heater
Mt. Auburn Cemetary, near John's grave
Young red-tail caught a rat!
Young tomato plants, not yet monstrous
Tidying up, in red boots
The house
Just getting started
Making curried oxtail
Last year this time
New chairs!
52 Milton Avenue, Summer 2019
Toronto Islands
Halloween preparations
Marimekko curtains!
Making jelly from our currants
...and closed
Zucchini spaghetti
JS working kit selfie
Store-boughten raised bed
Eating outside

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The city delivers compost
M and maple key

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