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2015 was quite the year. I had been living in Costa Rica with my partner, Steph, since 2013. My NGO contract came to a close in late 2014, so I started working for a Costa Rican translation company. I received word in April that I had been accepted into a Master's program in Toronto, so I made my way back to Canada in August - though Steph and I took the opportunity to see some of Costa Rica's sights before I left, including Río Celeste, a river whose water turns bright blue. We also went to the Arenal Volcano, where there is an ancient Ceiba tree (pictured), and Puerto Viejo, a beach town on the Caribbean.

Since coming back to Canada, I've had a blast living with Meher, Tim, and Smokestone in the house in Toronto. I guess it goes to show - your parents are always your parents, your kids are always your kids, and that means that they might show up at the age of 27 to sleep on your couch for a few months. Going back to university was fun as well - since I was based out of the same university where I did my undergraduate degree, I ended up working as a teaching assistant on some of the courses I took all those years ago.

I'll begin 2016 by going back to Costa Rica for 5 months of exciting fieldwork (conveniently timed to miss winter) after which I will come back to Canada (probably not to the parents' couch this time) to finish up my lab work and thesis writing.

Also, in the middle of it all, I visited JS in Ottawa where he was directing a play. After the show wrapped up, we went hiking in Algonquin Park, a large nature reserve in northern Ontario. We hiked around a 35-km loop over 2 days during which we shared canned food and tent that was ludicrously small for two large people.

Thank you to everyone who made 2015 a special year, I hope 2016 is much better!


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