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Best Wishes for 2017 - Photo by Daniel Kelly, Dollymount Strand 2015

Photo above taken September 2015 at Dollymount Strand, north of Dublin, by Daniel Kelly.

Sunflowers in the backyard Martin Duke and Meher
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Smokestone and plant press

Happy 2017! A year ago, just as 2015 was coming to an end, we thought about what a bad year we had experienced and 2016 could not be worse. We could not have been more wrong. Thus, with much trepidation, I wish and hope for better times while I prepare for worse times. The best one can do is to be prepared.

Things have not been bad for us this year. We are in good health, and our boys are thriving. I am about to retire from my teaching job. I will keep my examining job, try some volunteer teaching and continue other kinds of work that I do. Thus, retirement, the absolute cessation of work, will happen gradually. Because of the nature of some of my work, I can continue working until I am physically and/or mentally unable. I will try to think of my pension as my wages.

A friend of ours had said that retirement is not an event but a process. I think this has been the case for Tim. People who are involved in research cannot just hang up their lab coats and go home. Most will continue and finish up their research and writing.

What about ESL teachers? Well, it is possible for an ESL teacher to make retirement a gradual process. Most ESL teachers have more than one job although teaching is likely the main job for most. ESL teachers who live in the west, especially in countries that have a steady stream of immigrants, can always volunteer to teach English to newcomers. I have already done a bit of volunteer teaching. Canada has been accepting refugees from war-torn countries. Many refugees settle in Toronto, so I should be able to find people who need help to improve their English. Therefore, it will be a while before I erase my blackboard, hang up my chalk, and go home.

Wish you all the best of health and happiness in 2017.




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