We four plus Lenore

Best wishes for 2012! This past year Adam finished his co-op placement at the Puvidham Nursery and Primary School, near Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu, India; his blog tells a lot about what he did there. John is going back to UBC in Vancouver next week. Just before Christmas we drove down to Pennsylvania and New Jersey to see, respectively, Tim's cousins, and Meher's brother - before spending a few days in Cambridge with Lenore (above).

Both Adam and Meher were in India through the summer, and were able to go to Meher's brother's wedding in mid-July. Sadly, Meher's mother's health deteriorated this year, and she died peacefully, in her sleep, this week.


Cat (and man's foot)


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posted by tim dot dickinson at utoronto dot ca on 31-Dec-2011