Best wishes for 2013!

Best wishes for 2013! It seems like this past year too much happened! We gave the house a new roof, and in so doing got rid of three layers of shingles, going back to when the house was first built, about 75 years ago. Meher painted much of the insides of the house, and I finally finished the closet in the basement! John Simon has been in Vancouver most of the year. Adam was home and spent most of his time getting out in the woods before running away altogether, to New Brunswick and then the Dominican Republic, as described in his blog.

Meher and I have each been teaching and stuff, same old, same old, except that now Meher has a website up, just for her recipes: surprisingly, the URL is Check it out.


  Smokestone and the interloper
Geranium on new shelf.   Homegrown garlic
One of the raised beds.   Passiflora on our porch, still blooming on Halloween!
The raised beds, put to sleep.   The roofers at work.


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posted by tim dot dickinson at utoronto dot ca on 31-Dec-2012