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The scene above is the central railway station in Copenhagen on the evening of 10 September 2015. We arrived there together with a group of migrants, one of the first to be allowed to enter Denmark and proceed by train in order to make onward connections to Sweden. What you see in this picture is the pile of food, water, clothes, and other supplies collected for the use of the migrants by Danes seeking to dissociate themselves from the hostile attitude of the Danish government toward the migrants.

This year we decided to go to Europe before the summer ended, and so we flew to Barcelona toward the end of August and then back, four weeks later, from London. As we travelled, we wrote a series of travelogues for ourselves and our friends, and these provide the material that you can read and look at on the accompanying pages.

Compared to the migrants coming into Europe from Africa and the Middle East, we had it so easy. We flew, and then we took trains, some of them in first class, and then we flew some more, took more trains, and even overnighted while the trains took us from one city to another.

Mouse over the cities circled in red to see their names, and click on the circles in order to visit the pages describing what we saw and did there (map courtesy of SimpleMappr). Our itinerary was as follows: Toronto - Barcelona - Madrid - Santiago de Compostela - Barcelona - Paris - Köln - Hattingen - Wien (but not Budapest) - Munich - Hamburg - Copenhagen - Gothenburg - Oslo - Bergen - Oslo - Dublin - Holyhead - Cambridge - London - Toronto.

Map of trip, summer 2015

And what about Adam and John?

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