Happy 2006!

Well, I tried making an animated .gif file from these two images, and I did make it and it looked fine (and really silly) on Meher's computer. But on Adam's machine, and on my mac, it either looked funny, or out and out crashed Netscape, so I'm not going to inflict it on anyone else. In any case, these two images (and some more, without the cat), were taken on New Year's Eve before JS and Meher left for the hospital to try to find out why JS fell over in "a fainting spell" as it's apparently called - when nobody has any idea why the kid blacked out like that for no apparent reason.

We've had an ok year: some things went well, and some things went not so well, but then there was the trip to India, Ireland, Austria, and Germany, and that was great! Those pages may not be ready tonight, but they will soon follow!! In the meantime, please click HERE to read about Meher's peripatetic ESL career, and more.

2007 (including pages for trip to India and Europe)

Last year (Façade, Boyz, Cat, Bookz)



Wounded but still functioning (TOEFL class)


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